There were several applications that I found to be both innovative and have the ability to be mobile as well.  The app. that I felt was the most effective while being mobile was the "Teacher's Assistant Pro".  This is an IPad based application and is easy for teachers to carry around assess student behavior, student achievement or deal with student misconduct quickly and easily.

I am not sure where Google documents stand as far as being mobile, but they provide an advantage for coaches that can be extremely helpful with collaboration.  An example of this collaboration could be a recruiting list that is set up on Google documents so that every person on the coaching staff can be recruiting and updating  the recruiting list from anywhere.  What this does is not only put the coaches on the same built page for who they have talked to, so they are able to collaborate at anytime of the day rather than having to wait till the next day when they are able to meet in person and talk.  Decisions can be made quicker and less time will be spent trying to get on the right page rather than actually working.

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    Kyle Wise

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