This is my favorite commercial out right now because of the message that it sends.  It is Michael Jordan talking to a group of young athletes.  If you know anything about Michael Jordan you know that he is the greatest basketball player to ever play the game.  What a lot of people might not know about him is that he faced adversity very early in his basketball career and had to work very hard to overcome and succeed.  This video talks about that all of the work put into his game that people never saw.


05/25/2013 7:12pm

Cool video thank you for sharing. Sometimes its hard for people to put themselves in the shoes of another individual, especially when it comes to professional athletes. On the surface we see athletes performing on tv and we generally assume that particular athlete is extremely gifted and on tv because they were blessed with tremendous talent but that is not the whole story. Professional athletes go through so much during their journey to the top and go through even more just to stay in the big leagues so to speak. The amount of time and effort professional athletes devote to their sport is more than a full time job its a lifestyle. So sometimes all that hard work and effort professional athletes put in is overlooked by the fact that people don't realize what it takes to get to that level of performance.


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