I felt as though the best way to approach this assignment was to choose the Personal Learning Network or "PLN" that would best fit the way that I would want to interact, network and endorse through my site.  The PLN that I chose to create my area of interest through was Scoop.it.  I decided that this would be the best PLN for me simply because of the fact that I choose the topic and the site feeds me stories and I am able to pick and choose what I want to display on my page.  The main reason that I chose Scoop.it was solely on the fact that I wouldn't have to spend time that I really don't have searching for stories about my topic of interest.  Being able to link my Personal Learning Network to my Personal Web Presence was fantastic as well because the two go hand in hand.  I chose to use both the RSS feed at the top of my home page and a "Amateur Baseball News" Button link on the home page as well to link my PLN to my PWP.  It is a primitive technique for linking, but it will work for now until I decide to change it.

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    Kyle Wise

    I am 25 years old, in my 3rd season as an assistant baseball coach at the Junior College level and love guiding young adults as they chase down their dreams.


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