I thought that the best PWP that I looked at was that of Michele Culpepper's.  The main reason for this is that there was so much thought and organization to it.  What I liked the most about her PWP was that each page led into the next and complemented eachother.  The one thing that I feel could improve this page would be more pictures of Michele in her workplaces or on her education page having pictures of her at these different stages to go along with all of the great information that she has put onto the page.  It's main purpose seems to be that of professional nature, but also has small pieces of her personal life ingrained into the content.  I feel that the biggest reason for this is because her lifestyle entirely complements what she does for work.  I would definitely copy the way that she laid out her about me page as a timeline, however I would add more about my personal life because I want my personal life to be a big part of my Personal Web Presence.

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