This is yet again a form of social media that I have tried to avoid like the plague.  Not because I feel that the entire concept is pointless, but because of the way that photo sharers choose to use it.  Mainly, the endless mirror and shirtless photos that people feel like "blessing" their followers with.  After researching all of the photo sharing sites I became interested as I looked at each one and thought about which one would translate the best to my lifestyle and intent of use.

I chose to go with Instagram because of the fact that I am on the go constantly and this photo sharing program is meant to be used via a mobile device.  This is very convenient for me to keep both my followers updated on events that might interest them or in order to invite them to an event.  Outside of alerting people of upcoming events or of an awesome place I am visiting I don't see me having any further uses for photo sharing.  That being said I still feel that it is a pretty convenient and intriguing tool for what I want to use it for. 

I decided that it was only fitting to make my first photo that I shared of my team.  We are on our way down to Fresno this weekend to play in the California Junior College Baseball Final Four State Tournament this weekend.  This is a very exciting time for our program as this is only the second time that we have reached the Final Four in the program's history.  I snapped a photo using Instagram via my cell phone of our boys on the bus right before we pulled out of the parking lot.  They are a goofy group but, they play hard and we (the coaching staff) are very proud of them.

Alan King
05/16/2013 9:51pm

I haven't every used photo sharing either. It will be interesting to see if I still will incorporate this after the class is over. There are a lot of options out there, how would someone keep up on all of it?

Kyle Wise
05/22/2013 2:35pm

The best option for photo sharing out there for me personally is Instagram. The reason being is that I have the same issues as you do with having the time to sit down at a computer to upload and share photos. With Instagram being a mobile based application I am able to just have it on my phone and snap and share photos on the go where ever I am. This is the only way I am able to keep up with sharing photos. I hope this helps, I believe we are in the same boat as far as technology goes. This meaning that with a couple of exceptions we would rather not use it lol.

05/18/2013 11:52am


Excited for you and your team, good luck in your tournament. I too coach college baseball at Sonoma State University and we are currently in the West Region Tournament in St. George, Utah.

All this social media stuff is foreign to me and it is refreshing to hear someone else with the same feelings. I set up a photobucket account just because I don't have a mobile device with the capabilities to use instagram. A few of my friends use instagram and it seems like a cool deal especially because it is so mobile. I enjoyed looking over your website and applaud your efforts. Keep me informed about your teams progress and let me know if you have any players looking for a place to play next year ;)

Best of Luck,

Travis Babin


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