The first thing that jumped out at me  in the Trombone Player Wanted video was the fact at how many of the issues he was talking about related to my career and life.  I am a college baseball coach and absolutely love my fellow coaches, players and almost every aspect of my job.  With that said there are days when the strain of work has just gotten to me and I feel worn down and irritable.  In the video Marcus Buckingham says "that their are days when you are empowered and restored by the work that you do and there are days when it feels like everyone has taken a let's annoy Marcus pills" (TBW).  Even though I am doing a job that I absolutely love I am not playing to my strengths every single day.  There are aspects of my job that put me out of my "comfort zone" and not playing to my strengths and on those days I don't enjoy what I am doing as much because I don't feel as though I am being as productive as I could be.  After watching this video I began looking into myself and the things that I consider to be strengths and weaknesses in me.

I feel that I am at my strongest when I am able to work with our players in small groups or one on one.  I am able to focus all of my attention on the one or few players that I am working with and give them productive feedback and critiques so that they are able to make adjustments.  I am also able to have more time for dialogue so that I am able to get a feel for what my player is feeling or what mindset they are in so I am able to adjust the delivery of information so they are able to understand, take it in and apply the information.  One of the reasons that I really believe that this is a strength for me is my ability to talk to my players in a more personable way so that they are able to take critiquing the right way.  There is a time and a place for yelling, and those times are far and few between.  I am a very patient coach because I understand that if my players didn't make mistakes they wouldn't need coaching and wouldn't be playing for me.

The part of my job that I would consider a weakness is the fact that I throw terrible batting practice.  One might say, "so what you don't throw good batting practice", but I let the fact that I don't do it well linger in my mind and then it becomes a weakness.  When I have a bad day throwing batting practice my players don't see good pitches to hit and thus aren't able to receive good repetitions.  When this happens I become so insecure and at times I don't even want to talk to my players because I am so wrapped up with my problems.  You could even say that I have an underlying problem of wanting to do too well and putting all of the pressure on myself for them to perform. 

In TPW, Marcus talk about how a person can not only more productive, but also feel much more fulfilled at work if they focus on their area of strength.  By focusing their energy on strength people will spend less time dwelling on their weaknesses and more time thriving in their "sweet spot".  This is a concept that can help me because there are times when I feel drained and do not want to interact and teach at practice because I am busy dwelling on what I don't do well instead of helping players in my areas of strength.  Sometimes lightening up on yourself can be the best thing that a person can do for themselves so that they are able to keep in mind what is important.


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    Kyle Wise

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