I am a firm believer that it does not take much to network in your profession.  Networking can simply be calling a colleague on the phone, sending them an email or just talking face to face.  There are many opportunities to any one of these things in the field of coaching.
     This weekend I had a great opportunity to network with college baseball coaches from every level while working the Trosky Summer Kickoff  baseball camp.  I was able to talk to one coach about a player that we had sent to their school and ask how he was doing and then another coach would be asking me if we had any players in a certain position they needed for the next year.  There were also coaches talking about offensive philosophies and asking each other questions about what they tell their players to do so that they might improve their own philosophy.  Professional Networking does not need to be a really high tech process, all that is needed are people who are in the same field of work in the same place and networking is bound to happen.  Of course, technology will be present through exchanging of phone numbers and  emails, watching videos on phones. Another topic that always seems to be discussed is education and "picking the brains" of coaches who have earned their masters degree and finding out their thoughts and maybe getting a little advice on starting education back up. 
     In my opinion the only thing that is needed for Professional Networking is the right situation.  This can be created by a website or a coaching conference.  I am not going to say that using technology or not using technology provides better strategies for professional networking because like I said earlier all that is needed are people of the same field in the same place together to discuss topics related to their field.


06/13/2013 11:00pm


I agree with you, in college baseball networking is extremely important. It feels like the more effort you put in is noticed by our coaching colleagues and it spreads like a wild fire, that "he" works his tail off in the recruiting game. The more of those statements that go around, the better for our career. Great season this year, congratulations on your short stop being selected high in the draft! Looking forward to watching Feather River Baseball!


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