With personal/professional websites and social tools like LinkedIn and "Prezi" to post a resume paper is becoming a thing of a past.  Sending in a resume can be as easy as emailing a link to a personal webpage or "Presume" and if the potential employer has a LinkedIn account a person can also make their resume information available through linking with that employer.  
    We live in an age where information is sent and received instantaneously, so why not resumes as well?  With the job market today being the most competitive and fierce that it has ever been prospective employees need to be able to get their information out to as many potential employers as possible as quickly as possible.  Because we are in a technologically advanced era everyone has the ability to get their resume out quickly and with great frequency and the task of getting noticed in the crowd becomes imperative.  Thankfully there are programs such as "Prezi' which create various templates for visual resumes.   Visual resumes demand attention and have a personal touch to them that puts the applicant's creativity on display.  
    There are many advantages to having an electronic portfolio, however I do feel that there is one big disadvantage to them.  Nothing can replace the one on one, face to face time that is required in interviewing and I believe that with so much technology people who are seeking jobs rely on their resume to get them a job and are not ready to give in depth defenses to questions by employers.  A good example is a person with impeccable skills on the computer, but poor communication skills.  They may put together a stellar personal website posting their incredible resume, but have no social skills what-so-ever.  What if the job they are applying for is in costumer service?  How are they supposed to calm and deal with an angry customer.  Showing them their awesome website is not going to solve the problem or go over well with the irate customer.
    This does not erase the fact that professional portfolios through personal websites or professional networks are a valuable tool.  With the mass submission of resumes for quality job openings the most important step in the job seeking process is


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    Kyle Wise

    I am 25 years old, in my 3rd season as an assistant baseball coach at the Junior College level and love guiding young adults as they chase down their dreams.


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