At this point in the course I would have to say that there are two pieces of new technology that can have an effect and will continue to affect my career.  These new additions to my daily grind are Twitter and Instagram.

Twitter can be an extremely valuable tool in the field of coaching for several reasons.  First and foremost it provides a team with exposure by notifying fans of games, fundraisers and any other events where fans can come out and support their favorite sports program. 
With so many athletes on Twitter coaches can use Twitter as a means of mass communication to share practice plans, travel itineraries or other announcements.  

The other tool that can be utilized in coaching is Instagram.  The biggest reason that Instagram can be helpful to a coach is that it allows fans to familiarize themselves with the players on a team via pictures and captions and throughout the season.  I most recently used Instagram to chronicle our baseball team’s run through the California State Playoffs.  Our fans enjoyed seeing pictures of our players on the bus and at the different locations.

What makes both of these technologies so accessable and convenient for coaches is the fact that they are both mobile device based applications.  This makes it easy to take and post pictures and comments on the road.  The other thing that makes these two extremely convenient is that a user is able to link their Instagram account to their Twitter account.  I know for a fact that I will be using both of these forms of social media for years to come because I will be able to use them on the go and will only need my phone to send news and pictures to fans.


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    Kyle Wise

    I am 25 years old, in my 3rd season as an assistant baseball coach at the Junior College level and love guiding young adults as they chase down their dreams.


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