The article describes a study done by Nicole Buzzetto-More at University of Maryland Eastern Shore.  The study monitored the perception of students using Facebook for class discussions as opposed to Blackboard.  Findings from the survey taken proved that students did in fact believe that using Facebook as an educational tool did help build learning communities, build relationships within the learning community and engage students.

I have also had experience using Facebook for educational means.  During my undergraduate studies, classmates and I used Facebook as a work space for a group project.  We used a private group message board as a workshop to post our different assigned tasks in order to collaborate and improve our own assignments.  I found this to be very helpful because everyone was able to get their work done and post it to the group message board.  We set deadlines for drafts of assignments so that we were all on the same page and were able to work on our own time and post in time for the deadline.  Having posted deadlines on the message board was extremely helpful because everyone knew when they were suppose to get their assignment done and could work around their personal schedules to get their work done.

Facebook has the potential to be a very important resource for learning.  The main reason being that almost every college student operates their own page and is familiar with how Facebook works.  Because of this there is no acclamation period for students and therefore no anxiety about using it in an educational setting.  One of the questions in the Buzzetto-More's study revealed that a majority of students spent 3-10 hours a week socially networking, which means that they are always checking for notifications and updating their page.  Most of these students have access to their FB page via their cellular device and thus are able to receive notifications at any given time.  This can make it easier for instructors to post discussions and notify their students of upcoming assignments at any time. 

I am in complete agreement with the article on the need for Blackboard even with the use of Facebook as an educational tool.  Facebook should be used as a tool for building a learning community and getting to know classmates while collaborating.  Blackboard still needs to be there for the actual assignments a

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