Before starting my masters program I really didn't believe that I had any use for Excel or any type of statistics program.  Now I am looking for a good stats program that we can use for our various stats during the season.  All of the programs that I viewed had one big collective advantage and that was that they were all free.  The programs that I viewed were on the page "".  This site is devoted to making free statistics programs available to anyone.  
    The first program that caught my eye was the 2nd version of "Salstat".  This program offers many different statistical features.  The other attractive feature of this program was the fact that charts can be saved to fit many formats which can be convenient when sharing data.   "SOFA" is a user friendly program that performs the basic stat functions One of the draws of the program is the attractive looking report tables.  The best feature of this program is that it promotes learning through using it.  Overall a very cool program.  PSPP is SPSS with the ability to run on different computers and different operating systems.  An improvement on the program is the ability to be translated into multiple languages.  The most enticing feature and biggest improvent of this program is that it does not expire in a certain number of days as the SPSS did.  MicOsiris is a stats program that was designed by students at the University of Michigan specifically for Windows.  It is designed for students in college, student labs as well as large-scale research programs.   Its biggest draws are the fact that it is costs nothing, it is fast and that it does not take up a lot of memory on a computer.
    All of these programs can be productive for a user who wishes to analyze data.  The biggest advantage to all of these programs is that they are all free and they are all (for the most part) available on Mac or PC.

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