I will be the first to admit that before this class my internet
use consisted of logging onto Facebook to see if any of my ball player friends had written me, then to shop online for golf equipment and then to check my email.  Other than these activities I never had much use for the internet.  This class has opened my eyes to the different uses of the internet thanks in part to the development of Web 2.0.  At first the only reason that I was on the internet trying out new technologies because I was required to by assignments for class.  The more tools I used, the more I began to formulate ideas about how I would
transfer  these technologies from my education to my career.

     The biggest difference that I have noticed between Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 is that with Web 1.0 the main role of the user was that of a consumer and that was the only interaction that was going on with the exception of emailing.  Web 2.0 promotes communicating and collaborating among users which promotes learning and the sharing of ideas.  Now the user has something to contribute to the online community other than money.  Because of the new atmosphere online there are also different types of relationships that are built.  In the past most of the relationships online were that of buyer and seller and now there is more going on that just online retail.  Now people are using the internet for business meetings, study groups and networking.  The internet today is so much more dynamic and can be applied to many different aspects of life.


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    Kyle Wise

    I am 25 years old, in my 3rd season as an assistant baseball coach at the Junior College level and love guiding young adults as they chase down their dreams.


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