I had quite a few surprises while perusing through this list.  The title was the first item that caught my eye, mostly because I did not know that there were 100 different online or computer based technologies for learning all together.  The fact that there was a “top 100” implied that there were many more technologies out there, most of which I had no
idea existed.  The next thing about this list that caught me off guard was the fact that of the 100 programs on the
list I had used or am still currently using 25 of them.  Many of these programs I use on a daily basis, if not multiple times a day.

 The biggest initial shock for me came when I saw that three of the top ten tools were Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. 
However, upon reflection of everything we have learned about learning through collaboration using Twitter and Facebook it made sense that these forms of social media would also be some of the most valued online tools for
learning.  I should have known that Youtube might also have been high on the list as well seeing as one of the first
assignments in this class was a link to Youtube to watch a video overview of the class.  The deeper we go into this
class and more online features we talk about, the more I discover how narrow my use of the internet really is.


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