I was surprised to hear that wikis aren't just comprised of what is on the site Wikipedia.  My experience through Wikipedia has always been a good one, however I remember the day when I found out that I wasn't able to use the site as a credible reference for research papers due to the nature of the content.  I believe that it is a great idea to have semiprivate or private wikis where a group or class of students is able to collaborate and contribute pieces of information to create their own topic. 

     The first use that comes to mind is using a wiki for a group research project or paper because of the easy access.  Students would be able to complete their part of the paper and just post it on the wiki rather than e mailing it to the group head.  This way all of the students in their group are able to see what their group members' work right away rather than waiting for an e mail.  Another cool use for a wiki that was talked about in Professor Sailor's article "I Thought Wikis Were Creatures in "Star Wars"!" were wiki study guides.  This is a great idea mainly because of the availability of the information for students and the collaboration aspect.  Each student in the group could be assigned a chapter or a topic to create study notes for and this way a study guide is put together in a fraction of the time it would normally take and there would be more time for studying.

     I have had experience with Wikipedia in the past and I really like using that website save the fact that anyone who thinks they are an expert on a topic can get onto the site and make changes which makes the information unreliable.  The best way to implement wikis into a class setting would be for classes to have their own private wiki site where the number of contributors is limited and consists of students from the class so that the information they provide is correct, co

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